Please join up as a member of Gunawirra for your preschool by emailing Norma .. or and writing us a small paragraph about your school and a picture would be nice.

 You are then eligible to any of Gunawirra’s services:

  • Toys for each child at your preschool at Christmas time. (Thank you St. Vincent’s Mission).
  • Free books or some at ridiculous prices – new for under five year olds.(Thank you Booktopia)  
  • Toro Pope gardening package for watering systems. Just negotiating this one. There should be enough for 20 preschools. (Thank you Toro Pope. Still in negotiation)
  • Send us an activity from your school that fits one of the big ideas – culture, identity, nutrition, health and hygiene, environment. (Thank you St. George Bank)
  • A grant towards a nutrition program that you create in your school that we help you with and design with you and put on our website. Grants up to $1,500. We visit and help you design it and put it on our website. It can be for breakfasts for the children at your preschool, it can be a nutritious garden or it can be best of all cooking sessions for mums.  It must have parents involved in helping with it.  (Thank you Medibank Staff Community fund).
  • Camp attendance for mothers and children and teachers at a later date in the year to be announced but registering of interest is important now. (Thank you Tom Davis Foundation).
  • Training in Marte Meo workshop. Contact Norma or Trish at
  • A visit from our specially appointed teacher to help and encourage activities in your preschool. These can then go on our Website by sending story and pictures to Norma. (Thank you St. George Bank).
  • Some specially chosen preschools will be visited by the students of Radford College this year. (Thank you Radford College).
  • Radford College Student Fund gives us a grant towards sponsoring children who cannot afford preschool. (Thank you Radford College).  
  •  Medibank Private staff are eager to be involved in our preschools. Can you think of ways they can help you further?
  •   Mary MacKillop Foundation is also helping us find good quality second hand books that are suitable for the children to take home and keep. Would you like some of these?
  •  Commonwealth Bank contribute to Christmas toys for our centres. Can their staff help you in any way?

                      Special thanks to all our sponsors!