Centre Overview:

 It is well recognized that the Indigenous community is potentially the most socio-economically disadvantaged in Australia, with many associated social problems, as discussed in the Tony Vinson Report. All of our staff members have professional certificates – three university trained and nine TAFE trained in Children’s Services III or higher demonstrating their diligence and dedication to our children, as well as our community. Our classrooms have higher staff to child ratios and we have several staff members specializing in certain areas of learning. This allows us to offer innovative early childhood educational programs that are successful with children. Some of these programs are: Early Childhood WRAP literacy program, EC Kids matter mental health program, NAPCAN child safety, health and nutrition program and transport. All our programs are adapted to incorporate culturally indigenous learning. We also offer a variety of parenting programs to assist parents in the many challenges of bring up their children in two societies(Indigenous and non Indigenous). We have an excellent reputation within the Indigenous community, the local township, professional peers, universities (who often set up their training videos using our techniques in teaching Koori Kids), and the local schools who vouch for Dalaigur Pre-School & Children’s Services.


Our tribal lands are the freshwater people in the mountains and follow the river to the saltwater people to the Mid North Coast .


We have been operating successfully for forty five years and have been self- managed since 1991. Dalaigur Pre-school currently enrolls 117 to 135 Aboriginal children aged 3 to 6 years over a 5 day period. The difference in figures is due to our transient children. We have an active reconciliation program and due to our large Indigenous population we only have 4 non Koori kids enrolled.

Facts and Figures:

  • 59 place community pre-school
  • Operating 5 days per week, 41 weeks per year
  • Servicing the Indigenous Communit