Environment- The Wind

Ben, George, Sophie, Connor and Claire continued to discover and explore the concept of the wind.We sat under the tree to explore and found the wind was cooperative by blowing leaves down around us. There was discussion about why the leaves were falling and the concept of seasons was introduced.  We discussed how the wind made us feel, and followed itwith the question ‘where does the wind go when it’s not blowing’?

The children drew their thoughts and we scribed their hypothesis.  We looked the ideas and then it was decided by Ben that we needed to test the wind blowing.  Children threw and dropped leaves and watched as the wind and gravity carried them.  Connor  wondered  ‘what makes the wind’?   So it was decided that we would go and research.


We found that the wind was air that was moving,  so children explored being a still wind and a moving wind with their breath and bodies. We discovered that wind was created when the sun warmed the earth, the warm air rose and clashed with the cooler air creating currents. The group were very excited to find the answer.  Ben was very eager to discuss this information at morning meeting, excitedly showing his friends  how wind was created.

Learning in context.

It is evident that the children are  developing a sense of belonging to groups  and we see this through the sense  are connection between them,  working collaboratively, listening to others ideas with respect.  We see that they are becoming strong in their social and emotional identity they share happiness and satisfaction, seek out and accept new challenges and make new discoveries as they cooperate and work with others.   The children are confident and  involved , we see this  when we observe  dispositions such as creativity, curiosity, cooperation, commitment, enthusiasm, imagination and reflexivity.