The Gunnedah Preschool is a not-for-profit community based centre providing education and care for 3-6yr old children.

The preschool believes that children are successful, competent and capable learners. They learn through play and intentional teaching, within especially created learning environments. These are stimulating environments where children are able to explore and experience the world as it relates to them. They are able to make decisions and experience the consequences, while remaining safe and secure.

Responsiveness to the child is the basis for planning. For learning to be relevant to the child it should involve their family and their community, therefore the role of parents and families is respected and supported.

Learning is holistic. We acknowledge diversity and promote equity and inclusion. We value culture, especially Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. We consider additional needs to be of particular importance.

The well-being, rights and best interests of the child are paramount and we aim to provide best practice in the provision of education and care.

Location Gunnedah, known as the “Koala Capital”, is a rural town with a population of approximately 10,000. It is in the central north of NSW, 75Kms west of Tamworth. Gunnedah is a service centre for an extensive farming community and more recently mining.The preschool is one block from the centre of town, alongside the railway track which transports the grain and coal from Gunnedah to the coastal ports.

Gunnedah has a strong Aboriginal heritage and an active and involved Aboriginal community.

History:The current premises were erected in 1957, following dedication of crown land as a “Day Nursery’ in 1956. The preschool has changed considerably over the years, culminating in extension of the premises in 2010.

Over recent years the growth of the preschool has been the result of actively pursuing increased Aboriginal participation.

 Facts and Figures (approximately- as at 2012)

  • The preschool is open M-F, between 8am and 5pm, during school term.
  • The centre is licensed for 50 children per day. There are 2 rooms, one licensed for 20 children and one licensed for 30 children. The total number of children attending during the week is 110.
  • Special programmes: Breakfast club, fruit and vegie platters for morning tea, fee scholarships and a bus to collect disadvantaged children.
  • Half of the enrolled children identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
  • Half of the enrolled children receive a subsidy due to low family income
  • Eleven children attract funding as they present with an additional need.
  • Thirteen staff are employed.