Centre Overview:

Kindamindi Preschool is a non profit community based preschool licensed for 39 children per day.  We operate 5 days per week from the hours of 8.30am to 4.00pm. 

Our core values and principles are:

We believe in the rights of  each child. That learning is a lifelong journey and should be joyful. That children have the right to play.  That each child is unique and wonderful.  In honoring the role of parents.  That our community has a responsibility to nurture and support  all children. That respect is the base on which all relationships are created.


Kindamindi Preschool is located in Inverell.  We are in Kamilaroi country. Our Indigenous people speak Gamilarry language.   We are a lovely 1 ½ drive from Armidale or 3 from Tamworth.


Kindamindi Preschool has been operating for over 20 years.  They were originally called Oswald St Preschool. The name of our preschool means laughter in Gamiliraay.