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The Creating Music Stories modules were developed by Sandra Kirkwood for use by Teachers, Parents and Childcare staff who work with Indigenous and other Australian children. Each music module provides ideas for introducing children (0-6 years) to the concepts and behaviours that are essential for their active participation in music making.

The aim is to enable the children to be active in music making and able to contribute to developing music stories which are relevant to their lives, families and the place where they live, work and play. In tribal cultures, all members of communities participate in song, dance and music-making – not just those who are especially gifted with musical talents. This is also the case with the music modules which are intended to be used in a group situation with Elders, teachers and respected culture bearers who can encourage the use of Traditional languages, local stories, song and dance – where appropriate to do so. We are guided by the wishes of Indigenous corporations and families in each area.

Each of the music modules deals with a key element of music performance:

1. Listening

2. Voices (singing and telling stories)

3. Working Together

4. Dancing

5. Making music (making and using instruments)

Through following the activities suggested in each music module, adults are able to support children to take part in music activities that may occur in the classroom, home or community. The lessons promote positive values such as healthy lifestyle, caring for country, and creative collaboration with others. The benefits of the program are wide ranging for enhancing child development and encouraging relationships with family, friends and child care staff/teachers. The music learning modules are aimed at keeping culture strong through incorporating live music and audio-visual content which is sourced with permission from local communities. Please send us feedback on how useful the music modules are for active learning at home and childcare.

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