Nature – Spring – Planting time!

It’s Nearly Spring and Time To Plant …

The days are finally warming up, everyone is enjoying being outside and our trees and gardens are starting to grow and blossom!! Sadly some areas of our garden are looking a little drab from the cold winter and lots of little feet running, running, running in areas where our plants are trying to grow.

We sit together to try and find some ways of letting everyone know where the path ends and the garden begins so as to eliminate the trampling of our small plants that are trying very hard to grow.

Someone has suggested putting rocks along the garden edge….”But what if someone trips and falls heavily on a rock?” “They might hurt themselves!” is the reply. We decide rocks will not be satisfactory. “What about some wood around the edge of the garden?” Our garden edges are curved….”How will we put straight wood around the curvy edges?” So it is decided that wood may not work either.

The educator puts forward the suggestion. ”Do you think it would look nice if we planted small shrubs around the edge of our garden? They would let everyone know where the side of the path ends and the garden begins.” Everyone agrees whole heartedly….so a plan is made.

We will ask Alison to buy some plants when she is in Tamworth and plant them ourselves!

Alison agrees to do this and we plan to plant them as soon as they arrive!

It is Tuesday, a beautiful sunny day and we are going to plant our new shrubs. After putting more sunscreen on and our hats, we go to the shed and collect shovels and watering cans. Off we go….

We share our equipment and take turns in digging the holes, planting the shrubs, and watering them in well. Before we plant the last shrub we sit in the shade and take a closer look at the roots, the stem and the leaves of the shrub. We chat about the roles of each of these parts of the plant and how plants need good soil, water and sunlight to grow well.

Once we have finished we sit back and admire the beautiful shrubs and decide they will play their part in bordering our garden very well.








Taken from Belonging Being and Becoming Page 20 : “When children have positive experiences they develop an understanding of themselves as significant and respected, and feel a sense of belonging. Relationships are the foundations for the construction of identity – ‘who I am’, ‘how I belong’ and ‘what is my influence?”


While we planted our shrubs the children expressed their thoughts and enthusiasm in digging, planting and watering. They willingly took turns and enjoyed laughter and chatter the whole time. The dirt was a little hard to dig in some areas but the children used muscle and determination to dig out their holes. They were proud of their achievements and openly admired the garden once finishing their experience.