Nutrition In Kootingal Preschool

We have set up a large unused blackboard with carpet on it to Velcro information. We started with information about why water is so important for our bodies and included information for parents for children from birth as we see quite a few babies. Our preschool only takes children from three but lots of little siblings come in to visit. We then took photos of all the children with their drink bottles and they were laminated and displayed.

Next, we looked at healthy snacks. We have a low sugar, low fat and low salt nutrition policy. It is recommended that children do not consume more than 20g of fat per 100 grams, but we take it another step and have dropped it to 15grams. Next, we took more photos, this time of the children eating their healthy snacks and lunch. These were done individually and we delight at watching the children grouping each other’s photos together. Sometimes they will be grouped as friends and sometimes as a vegetable or a fruit.

Some of the staff have attended a Munch and Move workshop in Tamworth. We (the educators) learnt some fundamental movement skills and we now program this into our weekly activities. We also linked with hunter New England Health and they took our new nutrition policy and our activity policy to view and offered some suggestions for inclusion. It is interesting to note that our Activity policy now addresses issues such as small screen time and sedentary behaviours.

The next step is to work with the children in making their own decisions about what is healthy to eat. We will be setting up a board for the children to place good choices on one side and not so good on the other. I am also thinking about sending home a sheet for the families to complete titled ” what I had for dinner tonight” I am hoping for these to be completed by the families, and that they might reflect on their meals. Another idea along the same line would be one on weekend activities. These returned sheets could be bound together to form a book about the children’s families by the children and their families. I think this would be a lovely way of linking to families and the community.

So much to do, so little time
Regards Kathryn Kinson, – Kootingal preschool