What we do here

What we do here?

We  create a virtual Learning Centre to provide on-site access to training to some 140 aboriginal and partly aboriginal preschool Centres in NSW. 

It will comprise a number of modules and each centre works on these modules. We invite any preschool to send us in activities and pictures to put on site. 

We have a chat room and information exchange section.

Trained volunteers will visit or call each preschool to ensure staff know how to use the website which will have an information sharing section and an interactive chat room.

Alert emails will be posted when new modules are introduced. Booklet or DVD version of the activities is planned.

There will be:

  • Material from Directors Radford College Early Learning Centre, ACT.
  • Modules from Directors of Quirindi, Gunnedah, Werris Creek, Kempsey, Bankstown TAFE, Peak Hill,  Kootingal, Inverell, Tingha, Tilba Tilba . 
  • Emotional support from Health Professionals from Gunawirra for any of our preschools requesting it. 
  • Aboriginal artists
  • Cultural consultants,
  • A movie cartoonist
  • A professional photographer
  • Gunawirra Kids and their cousins the Boomerang Kids -Not bullying, helping each other, sharing things , playing together Action generated Research by Australian Catholic University
  • High end site technician will host and manage the web site

We have: 

  • the very best technical expert to create, develop and help us to maintain and host the website. The absolute technical best is important so that access is easy and the work is put on in the best possible way.
  •  work of our wonderful directors and  preschool teachers and our own social workers and psychologists and  health professionals 
  • The alphabet cartoons of the “Gunawirra goodhearts”… cute little fellows who clean their teeth and eat fruit and good food etc.
  • Our Boomerang and Gunawirra Kids –  Aboriginal 
  • Aboriginal Artists to create art work that will make the project attractive .
  • Photographer to take pictures that relate to the children.  
  • This project is highly innovative, labour intensive, uses latest technology to the benefit of the most needy in our community and begins early to give a head start to those most disadvantaged in the community. In this project communication between isolated preschools is encouraged and expressed. 
  • It is highly educative with the best trained early childhood  teachers  and a skilled group of Health Professionals –  psychologists, social workers etc. including emotional aspects of early learning. 
  • It is preventative at the earliest formative years and it hopes to help children ‘like and enjoy” learning so that later they do not need to skip school, because they find it an unhappy place. Here they will find learning attuned to their needs. 
  • This project has an awareness of help with trauma and problems in the home. Childhood Trauma destroys imagination.  The imaginative space to play and be is the best healing for traumatised little children.  
  • Music, dance, art, play and literature are highlighted in every section of this project. These are all ways the imagination can live and be enjoyed.