Tracking the Milky Way

Capturing Aboriginal Culture for our preschool children


Tracking the Milkyway is an Reggio-Emillia based educational program for Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal Preschool Children.

Our purpose is to create a model of excellence that is culturally sensitive to all preschool children.

  • This site has been created by early childhood educators, social workers, child and family therapists to bring the best to those who need the most.
  • Our content comes from the workers of Gunawirra, Radford College, Werris Creek, Kempsey, Quirindi, Inverell, Gunnedah, Tingha, Little Yuin, Kootingal and Bankstown TAFE

 Our site aims to give educative and emotional support to preschool teachers, so they can in turn give it to the children.

We do this:

  • By creating easily doable activities around five big ideas of Environment, Time, Health and Nutrition, Culture and Self Identity
  • By giving isolated preschools and their teachers a way of communicating with and helping each other through our chat room and activities posting
  • By making learning stimulating, interesting, interactive and fun 
  • By using our wonderful box of goodies, what’s in the brown box.
  • By having the Gunawirra kids and their cousins the Boomerang kids support and help teachers and parents to deal with hard issues of trauma, household problems, and home situations for our small children

 The members of this site thank Sarah Boardman, who gave hours of her time and expertise to making this possible. Thank you Sarah! Thank you St. George Bank, Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation, Frank Leyland Tot ed and Mac and Judith Taplin Fund . Your generous support has made this web possible. Thank you all our contributing preschools that have generated activities here. Thank you Chris, Shelley, Trish and Charlie for the Gunawirra Kids and their cousins the Boomerang Kids. Thank you Carl for the Good Hearts!!