Big Idea – Culture



  • To build an awareness and appreciation of the Aboriginal culture.
  • To participate in activities from the culture.
  • To forge links with the local Aboriginal community.

You Need: clipboards for each child, paper to fit the clipboards, pencils, camera, video player, cooking ingredients, drinking water for everyone.



The children take an excursion to the local lands council. Our local lands council has a museum displaying many Aboriginal tools, art, weapons and instruments. Discuss with the children beforehand where they are going and what they will see, how they will get there, what they need to take/wear, how will they keep safe? (Don’t forget excursion notes and all that is required for the NQF eg excursion risk management form, helpers, sun safety, water safety etc.) 

Staff will need to spend some time prior to the excursion organising the activities with the Lands Council workers. You will need to ensure that it is suitable for them to have the children visit, decide upon an appropriate time for all concerned, find out what activities the Lands Council can organise for the children to participate in. Suggestions include:

  1. Looking at, handling, being told about, drawing any items in the museum
  2. Having an elder present to tell dreamtime stories
  3. Asking musicians and/or dancers to play the didgeridoo and/or perform traditional dance for the children. Dancers will often invite the children to join the dance and learn some moves.
  4. If kitchen facilities are available you may be able to organise the preparation of some traditional food to share for morning tea or lunch eg damper.
  5. The video can be used to record stories/dances if you have permission. Photos of the items in the museum may be allowed.
  6. Cook/eat/drink together.

Follow  Up:

Put dream time story books out for children to read and for staff to read to the children at mat time. Watch “The Dreaming” DVD. If you have an Aboriginal worker who can tell dreamtime stories- have them do that.

 Use the Smartboard to research the items seen in the museum. Print pictures and information out to make a book/ poster. Use these and any photos/notes from the excursion to make a visual display for the parents/community to see and for the children to re-visit.

Put all of the Aboriginal musical instruments out. Play Aboriginal music on the CD. Children can make their own music or accompany the CD.

Have children practice their Aboriginal dance moves to stories or music.

  Teaching Strategies:

  • Don’t forget the Marte Meo- “name” what each child is doing and follow their lead.
  • Reggio-follow what the local culture has/believes/does. Follow-up on areas that most interest the children -it could lead to a great unit of work.


“Happy to be Me” Aunty Wendy’s Mob CD

“The Dreaming” SNAICC DVD