Big Idea – Health and Nutrition

St Patrick’s Day Cooking – Friday 16th March 2012

 Today we looked at creating thing that were green in honour of St Patrick’s Day tomorrow

We decided to do some green cooking, green painting and green collage. We made green jelly cups and green milkshakes for afternoon tea.
We normal eat our cooking at morning tea but today we had to have our jelly and milkshakes for afternoon tea because the jelly needed time to set. So this morning Tina helped us make the jelly.

We started with hot water, cold water, jelly crystal, measuring jug, spoon and jelly cups. We poured the jelly crystals into the jug and then very carefully we added the hot water. Tina did this so no one got hurt but we had to tell her when the water reached the correct line
so there was just the right amount. Tina used the spoon to mix the water and jelly crystal and do you know what, this really amazing thing happened. The jelly crystal disappeared. They dissolved in the hot water. We then helped Tina measure out some cold water and add it to the hot water and jelly. Once the cold water was added we had a chance to help
stir the jelly. We had to make sure it was all mixed. Once we had all had a turn at mixing the jelly Tina poured the jelly into our cups and then placed the cups in the fridge to set.


Before afternoon tea we also made green milkshakes. We used milk and green food
colouring. Tina asked us what flavour we thought the milk was going too. We came up with grape flavour, apple flavour, kiwi fruit flavour. Tina thought we were funny.


 At afternoon tea time we sat down and enjoyed our jelly and milkshakes. They were so yummy.

 We love cooking and eating the food we make at preschool. Thank you for helping us explore new things.

Kootingal & District Preschool

Nutrition Project

Thank you to Norma Tracy and Gunnawirra for the financial support to develop a nutrition program.

Fruit Shopping






Attached are some photos of what we have done so far.

The children were asked to prepare a shopping list of some of their favourite foods. They were also asked to consider what tomorrows children would like. It was decided that tomorrows children were going to make fruit smoothies. So the ingredients were bought.

Then we went shopping.






The children enjoyed going on an excursion. At the shop we discussed how many of each item we would buy and also how much each item was to cost.

Promoting healthy lunchboxes

 it was a great learning opportunity. We added healthy food posters to the classroom and used to opportunity to support parents in making health lunch box choices. We have given out brochures and nutrition ideas are included in a regular parent newsletter.

Some parents were amazed that their child would eat certain fruits.

We have looked at the information we make available to parents to assist them to make a healthy choice. This list is also stuck onto the fridges. It is this preschools policy now to check the children’s lunch boxes. We talk to the children about what is a good choose and what food they need to take home. We are fortunate to have had the funds to purchase some extra supplies such as bread, spreads, fruit etc. To make extras for the children if needed.

 New equipment

 We are in the construction stage of a new Preschool and have set some of the funds aside to purchase a stove and new crockery and cutlery. We hope to extend our nutrition project to include cooking, we believe that if the children can get involved in the preparations then they may be more likely to try the food. We also want to extend these cooking experiences into our multi-cultural policy and also into celebrations. We look forward to the day we can make pancakes for Pancake Day, boil eggs for Easter and make green foods for St Patrick’s Day.

Just a thought!!! Wouldn’t it be great to be able to hold a multi-cultural night where parents can be invited to come and learn a new dish, then all sit down to enjoy the food and each other’s company !!

Looking and discussing






A plate of plastic fruit was set up at the painting table. A staff member encouraged the children to paint what they saw. The teacher also prompted and recorded some conversations of the children

Joey “I paint a strawberry, I like strawberries”

Will “I don’t like strawberries; they have bits on the outside”

Joey “I just eat the bits”

Will “I like bananas (points to the plastic one) but not this one it’s a pretend one”

The boys laugh and continue to paint together.






One of the grandmas did us a healthy food painting. We were thrilled to receive this as it is a true indication that our efforts are reaching outside the preschool walls and into the community.

The preschool always has had a nutrition policy and we were encouraging families to make healthy choices. But with the boost of funding supplied by you we have been able to re-ignite interest and enthusiasm. We are now able to physically shop, show, smell and taste foods that some children may not experience at home.

Extra pictures and conversations for you to enjoy.






Kalan “I have two apples today”

Teacher “why did you bring two apples?”

Kalan” Cause I don’t know if I like green ones or red ones”

The apples were both chopped up and all the children sitting with Kalan try both apples. The results were Red x3 and Green x 2. One child would not want to try the apples but when the results were being recorded they wanted to participate and then decided the green one was “OK” to eat.






The children are encourages to eat fruit.