Chickens Chickens Chickens!

We continue to explore the eggs in the incubator.  Today  we shared a story of a chickens lifecycle, children explored eggs and again the hatching process.  The children were eager to share their knowledge with each other.  Emma and Fergus explained the rules about the incubator to the group.

Then the incubator temperature was checked, and the day crossed off the calendar.  The group then represented their ideas through drawing. There was repeated requests to refine their drawings as they produced multiple drawings.  Each time we noticed the children both explored their hypothesis and their knowledge. 

The interest in eggs hatching and chickens continued throughout the day with the children further engaging in different aspects.  Fergus was eager to draw the biggest egg and the biggest chicken.  Cooper began to help with the drawing and painting and before long it was a collaborative group effort.  Molly drew and painted a group of pink eggs. 

The group continued their representation when they expressed their ideas in a more dimensional form through clay.

The group were actively involved in their  research and investigation.  They displayed dispositions such as autonomy and initiative when exploring their ideas and finding appropriate resources to develop their ideas.  We saw collaboration between children as they joined in ongoing ideas and mentored peers with their own knowledge.