Down at the Creek – (Werris Creek Preschool)

Ideas from Werris Creek


We have a reticulated water system known as’ the creek’.  It has a bridge and tunnel as well as shrubs and shade sails. The area around the creek is covered in river pebbles.The children are encouraged in the summer months to arrive at preschool in wet shirts and swimmers or old shirts and shorts. Initially we ask the chikdren what they’d like to have in the creek to support their play. The following is what has evolved from the preceding weeks at preschool ter1 2012.

“Creek Activities”

The chn have asked for three main items in the creek so far.

  • The cooking utensils, eg old fry pans, jugs , saucepans, cake tins, wooden spoons etc.

The children use these on long stools. They fill them with water, pebbles, leaves from the shrubs and ‘cook’ an array of foods. Lots of talking usually occurs in this area with lots of collaboration happening.

  • Containers eg empty milk bottles, yoghurt screw lid, sauce bottles, buckets etc

The chn are in the creek filling and emptying, ‘gestimating’ how many small containers fills a large one, filling containers with pebbles, pouring, measuring etc. lots of language occurs here and self esteem as they learn to ‘back’ their judgement in gestimating and estimating

  • Plastic boats

The chn are interested usually in two things watching the boats appear from the tunnel and bridge and floating and sinking concepts. The tunnel and bridge supports lots of language, thru, disappear, under, stuck, height, size etc. Floating and sinking explore lots of problem solving, eg how many pebbles can you put on the boat before it sinks? Why doesn’t it sink when lots of leaves are placed on it? At the moment we are exploring why the boats only float down the creek and not up.