five big ideas

essay writer servicewrite my paperBy teaching little ones about personal hygiene, basic health care and simple nutrition significant improvements to primary health care can be created, therefore reducing longer term chronic health problems and ultimately reducing the difference in life expectancy between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

The Big Ideas Program starts young (3-5 years) with simple techniques and information, delivered in an interesting and culturally appropriate way.

By wrapping highly sensitive, long standing and deeply emotional topics in creative mediums, encased in a localised Aboriginal culture, this program will not only educate but also heal.

It is formed by the preschools themselves together with specialists we have in Gunawirra to create these programs. The program is designed as a seminal, holistic and culturally embedded model of excellence.

1.  My Health & Hygiene

2. Healing & Resilience

3. My Land, Our Environment

4. My Culture, My Identity

5. Nutrition