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In aboriginal mythology means the invisible seed of all creation

Gunawirra, a not-for-profit PBI organisation made up of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal professionals working side by side for fundamental improvements in the life of Aboriginal families, their infants and children.

Gunawirra’s primary role is to create models of excellence by designing unique, innovative and transformational programs that are fully evaluated.

These unique models of excellence allows Gunawirra’s work to be replicated in widening community circles of effectiveness.

We empower young aboriginal parents with babies and young children to intervene in their own lives.

Main Gunawirra Projects:

Support for young families from pregnancy to five years of age in our special Young Aboriginal Mothers Program (YAMP).

Group programs for young mothers with their babies and with toddlers up to age five (YAMP) .

Support for preschool children and their parents through the Five Big Ideas, our gardens, puppets and Community Days.

Direct support for individual children and parents, through assessment, short or long long term or therapy.

Support Directors and staff of 43 preschools in NSW with telephoning support, visiting, seminars, papers and books.

Please visit our Gunawirra site : Click here

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