Rules for Chickens

Today at morning meeting Oskar proposed we needed rules to keep the chickens safe. The conversation follows:

Oskar: ‘We got to know about our chickens and we gotta have some rules so we know how to keep them safe and healthy’.

Fergus: ‘Well…… we can’t take the chickens out yet, they’re just little and new’

Jessie: ‘We should look after our eggs and that will mean more chickens.  We have to get more buckets for lots of eggs’.

Matilda: ‘We need to give them lots of water and lots of food to help them grow’

Omarian: ‘ If you put too much water in the bucket they might die’

Sophie: ‘Just a little bit of water each day’

Rayleika: ‘The chickens will go in the bath’ 

Omarian: ‘No, ducks can go in the water, not chickens’

The conversation continued as children discussed the differences between ducks and chickens with a focus on their feet.  They discussed their own swimming abilities. 

These children then were in charge of transferring the chickens to a different box and changing the bedding and water.   They were shown how to hold the chickens and then were keen to encourage and advise each other of the correct technique.  During the rest of the day this group were the ‘chicken guardians’  letting other children know of the rules and offering  suggestions  just look at them.

We can see the children have an awareness of caring for the chickens.   They are capable and knowledgeable about what the chickens need while in their care.  They were confident and gentle while handling the chickens.