Sequencing and Pattern

Using natural materials from our local community and within our preschool, rocks and wheat we sequenced items and made a variety of patterns.
Sequencing and patterning is a developmental step in developing mathematical concepts.

This experiences supports numeracy, literacy, sensory, texture, smell, communication, listening, discussion, observation and focus to task, starting and completing task, enjoyment and pride of their individual efforts.

To extend the experience we encouraged the children to identify the material
used and how many of each material during conversation as the children drew
their individual patterns. For example if the children where drawing a
pattern and had drawn more than what was in the original real pattern we
would ask the children to revisit the original with the image being drawn.
The children write their name on all there works to support literacy
and tell stories about their works which is recorded on their individual works.

    How this experience relates to the Early Years Learning Framework.
    Outcome 3
  • Children accepted a new challenge, made new discoveries and celebrated their own efforts and achievements and those of others.
  • Children enjoyed moments of solitude
  • Children recognise their individual achievement
  • Children recognise the contributions they make to shared experiences
  • Children manipulate equipment and manage tools with increasing competence and skill