The Hatching of the Chickens

Today was the day.  A few chickens had hatched this morning.  We continued watching the process today as the chickens hatched at regular intervals.  We listened to the chickens chirping in their eggs before they hatched out and were able to see the entire process. Throughout the day the children were drawn back to this area as they explored, counted, discussed and predicted what was happening with the eggs and chickens.  There were a lot of requests for the chickens to go home with the children.


The children are exploring lifecycles in an active way.  They are learning how to be  gentle and care for the chickens. We saw the excitement and awe of the children as new life hatched.  The children have been involved in this process from the beginning – labelling the eggs, candling to check fertility, turning and marking off the days until hatching.  So it was with much wonder that they were here when the chickens hatched.

Learning through connecting through the world.