Centre Overview

Tingha preschool was established in 1990 and is an 80% Aboriginal centre for children aged 3-5. We have three staff, several of whom are Aboriginal and of the Kamilaroi people , which is the language group in Tingha.

The preschool is open five days a week with children from Monday to Thursday. Children come in from 9 AM to 3 PM.

We are located next to the primary school and have a great transition program for going into ‘big’ school. Children are paired with buddies in terms 3 and 4, which is a great way of making new friends and transitioning from preschool to primary school.

Tingha preschool supports the rights of each child through play based learning structures.

Collaborative partnerships with teachers and the community enhance the child’s learning and create a safe and happy learning environment.


Tingha is located 27 kilometres south west of Inverell in the Northern Tablelands of NSW. The word Tingha is an Aboriginal word meaning ‘flat’ or ‘level’.

 Facts and Figures

80% of students are Aboriginal

Licensed for 20 children aged 3-5

Open Mon-Thurs for children, 9AM-3PM 

Tingha Preschool supports the rights of each child to learn through play based learning experiences. Children thrive in learning environments that will enhance their overall development and provide a strong foundation for their future achievements. Encompassing the National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Care and Education into the operation of our Learning Centre will ensure the commitment of our service to enhance the child’s developmental skills. Together with the Early Years Learning Framework Tingha Preschool will ensure the ongoing commitment of effective programming to enhance the child’s learning opportunities. Our educators are experienced and competent early childhood educators who display utmost professionalism when interacting with the children and families. Our educators show commitment to professional development opportunities and advocate for each child and families. With the professional development our educators embrace opportunities of self-reflection, as educators we too are continually obtaining knowledge. Educators are obligated to plan programs which foster each child’s overall learning experiences, including spontaneous and intentional teaching approach. Our familiar and consistent staff must be nurturing, sensitive and committed to the well-being of the children and the parents of the Preschool.

 PlayOutdoor Play

We believe that parents, staff and community work in a collaborative partnership to guide children’s growth and development and we value the diversity of experience available by working in partnership. Staff endeavours to support parents, children and community by learning and growing together. Families play an essential role in establishing a positive relationship with the educators and children. This partnership will need to develop a good trust foundation and encompass ongoing open communication between family and educators. Families are encouraged to share their range of experiences with Tingha Preschool, where opportunities are present for families to partake in daily learning experiences. To encourage parents to participate in the Preschool’s programs according to their own needs interests and opportunities.

 To extend and complement the home by providing a loving, stable and secure environment in which each child can develop to his/her fullest potential. That each family is important and we aim to support parents in the care and the upbringing of their children. The values and attitudes of families are supported and developed through mutual understanding of religion, culture and background in an environment that promotes acceptance and valuing of diversity. Community involvement is supported and encouraged through networking with other community organisations and utilising community resources in programs for children, families and staff. 

Kids LearningKids Cooking

We believe that play is fundamental to children’s learning and development, ensuring that the programs provide opportunity for children periods of time for extended play experiences.  This extended time of play will allow the children time to explore, create, pretend, implement ideas, interact with peers and staff, formulate ideas and develop skills and understandings to assist them in academic learning. Through play we encourage cooperation, consideration, self-motivation and unbiased attitudes. We believe that we have a responsibility to implement sustainable practices in every aspect of our Preschool provision and to teach children about sustainable practices. Children have a right to have a sustainable future. Children will be the policy makers and leaders of the future, so what we teach them today about the environment will directly influence the long term health of the planet.

 We aim to provide a consistently safe, hygienic and healthy environment for all, ensuring our Preschool is a safe and happy place that reflects the families, staff and children.

Nutrition – Multicultural Cooking

We cook as part of our nutrition program “GOOD FOR KIDS GOOD FOR LIFE”.

Every week we have a cooking class where the children learn how to cook healthy meals from different cultures. Parents are encouraged to attend and learn new recipes and eat together.

On Harmony Day, the children cooked six meals from around the world for the parents. We had:

Butter Chicken from India

Hot Dogs  from America

Spring Rolls from China

Scones from England

Chilli con Carne from Mexico

And of course, Meat Pies from Australia!

 Mother’s Day/ Grandmother’s Day.

On Mother’s Day, we invited the mothers and grandmothers into the school for a special afternoon tea prepared by the children.

The children baked cakes and prepared fruit platters for their mothers and grandmothers.

They then performed songs and did an ‘educational presentation’ of new skills they had been learning at school like counting.

The mothers were able to discuss their children’s progress with the teachers.

More importantly, the mothers were able to relax and have time with their children, whilst also meeting other mothers from the town and getting to know their children’s teachers and friends!